STRENGTH: Dead 3. (Deadlift&Deadshift)

Starting Strength is the ability to produce force with no contribution from the elastic components of connective tissue. The movement begins from a stationary position with no initial motion (i.e. ‘dead’ positions). 

  1. Swing to Squat
  2. Transverse Lunge, Offset DeadLift
  3. Lateral Lunge and Deadlift (progression from 1st & 2nd sessions)
  4. Wide Pick up to Rotational Squat (progression from exercise 1)
  5. Lateral Explosive Shift

Repetitions: 10 in total or 6 on each side
Sets: 4
Rest: 1 minute after exercise | 2 minutes between sets
Load: Small to Medium ViPR PRO

This is a circuit-style workout, perform the appropriate reps of each activity in succession, resting as instructed, to complete a set. Repeat and rest between sets as instructed.