Which ViPR PRO® is Right for Me?

This size guide was put together to assist everyone who is new to ViPR PRO® and to the concept (multi-planar training under load).

The main considerations are: safety, direction of the movement and the programming outcome.

Outcome/SeriesSizes | Weights
“On the Ground”
Tilt | Flip | Drag
Medium – Large | 12 – 32Kg
Off the ground
Linear Lift & Shift
Medium | 10 – 16Kg
Off the ground
Multi-planar Shift & Lifts
Small – Medium | 4 – 10Kg
Small | 4 – 8Kg



  1. What programming theme the ViPR PRO® is used for. Is it for activation, mobility, strength, power, cardio or recovery? Learn more from our sister company Institute of Motion
  2. What series (ViPR PRO action) we will be performing. eg. shifting away from the midline is harder than lifting over head. Or another example; keeping ViPR PRO on the ground doesn’t require us to lift and shift, so we can use bigger sizes etc.
  3. What audience will use ViPR PRO. eg. Recovery studios will most likely select small sizes, whereas studios focusing on Strength will benefit from medium to large sizes.


This inverse relationship principle says:

  • when the load goes up, the freedom of movement goes down. In other words, the heavier ViPR PRO® the more our movement is restricted to linear direction.
  • when the load goes down, the freedom of movement goes up. In other words, a lighter ViPR PRO® opens up the options to move in a different directions.

TASK IN HAND AND PURPOSE OF THE USE (the five points below explain the table above)

  1. ON THE GROUND – exercises where one side on the ViPR PRO remains on the ground – tilting, dragging, flipping. Therefore we can choose medium to large ViPR PRO®.
  2. LINEAR OFF THE GROUND – exercises that are performed in a linear direction (forward/backwards or up/ down). 8 or 10kg will be a great start. We either lift it or shift it. NOTE: linear lift is easier than linear shift
  3. MULTI-PLANAR OFF THE GROUND – exercises that are performed in a way that ViPR PRO® was designed – a multi-planar directions, moving the load away from the midline, in different angles and with different leverage. We suggest to begin with 6-8kg and make your way comfortably up.
  4. POWER: Speed-Strength, moving a relatively lighter load at higher speed. We recommend using small ViPR PRO® sizes.
  5. NEW TO ViPR PRO® – generally speaking we recommend starting with 6kg to 10kg is recommended, particularly if you are new to multi-planar training under load.