Level 1 ViPR PRO® Functional Strength

A vital component of health and human performance is the ability to generate force based upon a demand. This is called Strength.

A subset of strength, is the ability to create purposeful force for a variety of different tasks; with different speeds/angles/loads. We call this Functional Strength, or in other words Being Farm Strong.

In this course, you will learn about the concept behind ViPR PRO®, explore ViPR PRO® exercises for five fundamental movement patterns and how to implement these into programming.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the story of ViPR PRO®
  • Learn and understand the concept behind ViPR PRO®
  • Explore ViPR PRO® Foundational Strength components
  • Practice 20 ViPR PRO® exercises for squat, lunge, press, core and rotation
  • Implement ViPR PRO® Foundational Strength into programs

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Level 2 ViPR PRO® Team Training  

The ViPR PRO® Team Training is a two parts course, a video-rich curriculum that will teach you everything you need to know about ViPR PRO® Team Training – which we call ViPR PRO® Training Camp.

In part 1, we will explore the science of farm strong, how to decide your Training Camp, how to set it up, how to program for Training Camp, and how to effectively and authentically coach ViPR PRO® Training Camp.

Part 2 provides the content and programming for ViPR PRO® Training Camp in two formats – StrengthCon and MetCon. These programs are specifically designed for body-wide resiliency to make you unbreakable.

Course Objectives

  • Get familiar with ViPR PRO® Patterns
  • Discuss the science behind farm-strength and body-wide resiliency
  • Identify how to decide the right ViPR PRO®  Training Camp, considering team size and programming format (StrengthCon & MetCon). 
  • Learn how to program and coach ViPR PRO® Training Camp
  • Explore StrengthCon and MetCon formats for dry land and water programs

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