About Us

Michol Dalcourt and Simon Bennett created ViPR in 2007, out of a need to create purposeful outcomes in athletic
development working with hockey players in Canada.

ViPR Launched in 2010 as a result of the concepts of Loaded Movement Training developed by both Michol and Simon.

In 2018, ViPR has been redesigned to become ViPR PRO. This redesign reflects the original intentions of Michol and Simon
to bring a tool to market which can load movement in order to generate adaptations that you may see with a farm kid.

Namely resilience and a capacity to function in odd positions.

Michol Dalcourt – Creator of ViPR / ViPR PRO®
Simon Bennett – Creator of ViPR / ViPR PRO®
Derrick Price – Education
Jan Hutnan – Programming / Education
John Sinclair – Programming
Claude Dalcourt – Project Manager
Dawn Dalcourt – Product / Sales /Logistics

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