Dead Strength is the body’s ability to produce force with minimal or no contribution from the elastic components of connective tissue and overcoming resting inertia. The movement begins from a stationary position with no initial motion (i.e. ‘dead’ positions). 

  1. Squat, Side Deadshift Block 
  2. Posterior Lunge, OH Deadlift 
  3. Anterior Lunge, Lateral Deadshift 
  4. Lateral Lunge, “On the shoulder Deadlift”

Repetitions: 8x each (if lighter ViPR PRO, 12x)
Sets: 3-4
Rest: 1 minute after each exercise | 2 minutes after each set 

This is a circuit-style workout, perform the appropriate reps of each activity in succession, resting as instructed, to complete a set. Repeat and rest between sets as instructed.