ACTIVATION: SMUR-Forced Breathing with Gabi Hidalgo (Inhalation& Exhalation)

Forced Inhalation and Forced Exhalation suggest breathing in and out to the maximum comfort level. In other words, pushing air out maximally under labored efforts, or bringing air into the lungs, under labored efforts. Both should be forced, but remain within a person’s capabilities. 

Forced Breathing incorporates accessory breathing muscles, which are primarily Type 1 stabilization muscles. We use forced breathing techniques to up-regulate deep core activation and motor unit coordination, to complete an athlete’s preparatory protocol. Watch more HERE

  1. Half knee, Type 1 Tilt – Exhalation
  2. Posterior Step, Type 2 Shift – Inhalation 
  3. Squat, Type 2 Ward – Exhalation 
  4. Flamingo Halo – Inhalation 

Repetitions: 4 each side 
Sets: 3
Rest: no rest
Load: Small size ViPR PRO

This is a circuit-style workout, perform the appropriate reps of each activity in succession, resting as instructed, to complete a set. Repeat and rest between sets as instructed.