ACTIVATION: SMUR-Forced Breathing (T-Spine)

SMUR stands for Small Motor Units Recruitment and based on the Institute of Motion programming, it’s part of the Activation process.

Both, Forced Inhalation and Exhalation incorporate accessory breathing muscles, which are primarily, type 1 (slower to fatigue), slower to fatigue, they provide stability of joints in motion. We use forced breathing techniques to upregulate deep core activation and motor unit coordination.

  1. Offset stance, 1 Arm Forward Tilt – Forced Exhalation 
  2. Side Squat, 1Arm Tilt Chest Open – Forced Inhalation 
  3. Half-Kneeling, Bolt Shift – Forced Exhalation 
  4. Half-Kneeling, Lift & Shift – Forced Inhalation 

Repetitions: 4 on each side 
Sets: 3 sets 
Rest: No rest between exercises or sets
Note: Decrease the volume of breath if getting dizzy

This is a circuit-style workout, perform the appropriate reps of each activity in succession, resting as instructed, to complete a set. Repeat and rest between sets as instructed.