ViPR PRO® Functional Exercises

Be Farm Strong | Be Unbreakable

Functional Tilt

Tilt 1 – Hinge Two Hands

With both hands on the top, tilt ViPR PRO forward whilst moving hips in a opposite direction.

Tilt 2 – Neutral One Hand Rotation

With one hand on the top, tilt ViPR PRO forward, and simultaneously reach back with the other hand.

Tilt 3 – Side Squat, Hand to Hand

With feet stable, move from side to side and pass ViPR PRO from one hand to another.

Tilt 4 – Long Reverse Step Tilt

Step back as far as you can and tilt ViPR PRO in a opposite direction. Create long body.

Functional Squat


Hold ViPR PRO in a head height, keep spine tall and perform squat.


Move ViPR PRO in a reverse “U” shape while performing squat.

Functional Press


Hold ViPR PRO in a wide hold. In a half kneeling position, alternately punch the sky.


In a stable stance, press ViPR PRO to the side while driving hips in a opposite direction.

Functional Lunge


Perform reverse lunge, then, move ViPR PRO to a vertical position besides your body.


Perform side lunge and punch ViPR PRO forward. Keep spine tall and move hips away from the punching hand.

Functional Core


In a plank position, drag ViPR PRO to the side and let it go. Relax into the movement and rotate the spine.


Hold ViPR PRO wide and perform bicycle rotation. Keep spine as long as possible.

Functional Rotation


Hold ViPR PRO wide, lunge/step forward and rotate towards the front knee.


Hold ViPR PRO in a shovel hold and shovel the dirt. Rotate spine, hips and the opposite side foot into the shovel direction.

You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before starting an exercise program. Understand there are risks of injury when exercising and completing an exercise program, if you experience any discomfort, then stop exercising immediately.