New ViPR PRO® Training to be Farm Strong  

Live Online/Interactive Workshop with Michol Dalcourt

In Partnership with

April 22, 2021, 11am – 2pm EDT

If a farm kid were to wrestle a gym kid, and you were a betting person, who would you put your money on? Who is stronger??

These questions are at the heart of this workshop on “Training to be Farm Strong”.

There are significant neural and mechanical benefits to performing ‘uncommon’ position Strength work, as they do on the farm. Off the mid-line loading, asymmetrically oriented, varied speed loading, and varied positions of load will help tissue remold omni-directionally. This is effective for strength, power and stability.

Why does lifting and shifting mass in “odd” positions yield such optimal strength gains? Why is our biology set up this way? These questions will feed the theory portion of this workshop. This theory will be discussed to validate and clarify the elements of Odd Position Lifting and Shifting, which will be showcased in the virtual demo section of this workshop.

Workshop attendees will receive a 10% discount for future ViPR PRO® product purchases and 10% off the ViPR PRO® Fundamentals on Platform App.

Registration for this workshop is nonrefundable. A recording of the workshop will be available after the live workshop for those who may be unable to attend during the live time.


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