New ViPR PRO® Education  

Morning Part A

Intro to ViPR Pro, Coaching Techniques/Mobility, Identifying Client Readiness for Loaded Movement Training

Morning Part B

Coaching ViPR Pro Strength with Regressions and Progressions


Afternoon Part A

Coaching ViPR Pro Power and Metcon drills with Regressions and Progressions

Afternoon Part B

ViPR Pro Fundamental Program Design


  • 0.7 CECs
  • 7.0 CEUs
  • 0.7 CEUs
  • 0.7 CEUs
  • 7.0 CECs

Upcoming Dates

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we do not have any Live Workshops scheduled. If you are interested to host our workshop pleased contact

Live Workshop Objectives

  • The importance of the concept
  • Experience new ViPR PRO® and its benefits
  • Learn how muscle, skin/fascia and nervous system adapt to training and how to stress them optimally
  • Discover ViPR PRO® Anatomy of Programming for Athletes, Fitness population, First Responders & Specific Population
  • Practice myriad drills for Preparation and Performance using ViPR PRO®
  • Learn how to confidently coach a drill using ViPR PRO®
  • Design a program using ViPR PRO®.

The ViPR PRO® Programming Live Workshop is a 7-hour live course where you’ll get an opportunity to fully understand ViPR PRO®, its concept and practice myriad drills with a PRO COACH and like-minded colleagues.This workshop will guide you through a ViPR PRO® program design that enhances preparatory measures and improves performance.

You’ll leave as a confident coach that promotes resiliency and performance in your own training and your clients, whether it’s an athlete or day to day warrior.

This workshop is accredited by major training providers and includes access to ViPR PRO® Fundamentals online platform ($149 value).


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