New ViPR PRO® Education  

Morning Part A

Intro to ViPR Pro, Coaching Techniques/Mobility, Identifying Client Readiness for Loaded Movement Training

Morning Part B

Coaching ViPR Pro Strength with Regressions and Progressions


Afternoon Part A

Coaching ViPR Pro Power and Metcon drills with Regressions and Progressions

Afternoon Part B

ViPR Pro Fundamental Program Design


  • 0.7 CECs
  • 7.0 CEUs
  • 0.7 CEUs
  • 0.7 CEUs
  • 7.0 CECs

Live Workshop Objectives

  • Hands-On Training with a ViPR PRO® Master Coach
  • Identify proper technique with ViPR PRO® Fundamental Exercises
  • Practice Coaching with ViPR PRO® to create a safe and effective training environment for yourself or clients
  • Identify when and how to properly regress or progress a ViPR PRO® exercise
  • Discover ViPR PRO® workouts designed for enhancing Mobility, Strength, Power and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Gain insight on how we develop exercise programs using ViPR PRO®.
The ViPR PRO® Fundamentals Live Workshop is an 8-hour live course where you’ll gain an opportunity to practice implementing and coaching ViPR PRO® with a ViPR PRO® Master Coach and like-minded colleagues. We’ll explore workouts designed to foster better mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning while developing coaching skills to ensure proper exercise technique with regression and progression strategies. You’ll leave a stronger coach that promotes resiliency and performance with your clients.

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